Where Chaos Reigns Happily

Kennywood at last!

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Yesterday Mr. Forst, C.C., and I went for an outing sans baby brothers.  Last spring, my room parents purchased tickets for us to a local amusement park.  Upon arrival, I think C.C. was quite overwhelmed.  It took a little while for him to take it all in.   Our first ride attempt was the Pirate Ship, but once he saw it in action, he decided that it was a bit too much for him.  So we wandered off to The Whip.  It was just his style, not too fast, not at all high up, and with just enough feeling of risk and excitement to whet his appetite.  Our next stop was The Turtles.  Sort of like a beginner’s  roller coaster.  Eventually, he did decide to go on one of the bigger roller coasters, The Jack Rabbit, although he later confided in me, “Mommy, when we were on that one, it made my tummy hurt a little bit.  Like I was going to throw up, maybe.”


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