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Anxiety and Fear and Loathing

Isn’t it amazing how one day you can be on top of the world, happy-go-lucky, and the next you are down deep in a hole.  For anyone who is reading, I’m actually “feeling” much better, I think.  However, I’ve noticed that now I’m afraid of the dark.  And being alone.  And of ghosts.  These are all things that I thought I left behind me with my childhood.  Yet, here they are, surfacing again after 20 years.  I think that this whole thing has been really too real.   Right now, I’m at the point where it seems more like something I read than something that happened, but I guess that’s what denial is, yes?  I am aching to comfort my friends, yet scared of leaving my chickens behind.  My rational mind has some catching up to do.  My imagination has run away, again.


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  1. Aunt Jo

    I cannot imagine the pain this horrible event has caused everyone even remotely associated with Sarah and her family.I know you “girls” have been close friends since birth. My questions is , how do I comfort the comforters?

    Be safe tomorrow as you travel to comfort Sarah and her family. A hug, a touch, a whispered thought will help for a while. I know you will be there in the future when she will need strong shoulder to lean on.

    So, my thoughts and prayers, dear Marie/Renee, are with you as you travel to bring a ton of love to the Adkins Family.

    Love you both, AUnt Jo

    October 1, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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